Friday, May 22, 2009

You Can Take the Wolf out of Wolfeboro

As you all know, my bestie Julia decided to leave good ol’ Boston behind and ship out to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire last summer and stayed through the whole year. For us here in Boston, it was devastating.

Would I say it’s probably better for all of us and has tamed us quite a bit? Yes. Well, sort of. It all changes and goes back to normal debauchery when she’s in town. But debauchery every now and then is much better than debauchery every other night or so. (Depending on how you look at it.)

Last week I wanted very few things for my birthday. I wanted time off from work (Friday afternoon and Monday off -- check!) I wanted to celebrate in a room with all my friends (private party at Goody’s -- Check!) I wanted a cute guy to show up (Check!) and I wanted Julia there! Because there is no party without Julia!

She said, “Patty, I can’t go, my truck is broken!” and I thought “No! This can’t be!” so, I thought of ways to get her here. Pay for her bus ticket? Sure. I could do that! But I thought one step up – considering I had a car and the afternoon off – I might as well just drive up to Wolfeboro and snatch her away!

Ultimately I found out that she was going to show up the whole time and surprise me (yes!) but that she actually didn’t have a means of getting here – so since I offered to pick her up… she accepted the offer!

I would love for you to read Julia’s directions for getting to her town. Snippets include:
Please buckle your seat belts and get ready for an adventurous ride 2 hours North. Please dispose of all things alcoholic and by dispose of I mean in your tummy. Once you’re all good and drunk head north on 93.

Be on the lookout for Exit 7 – if it has changed good luck!

You got this – someone give Patty a smoke right now, she needs one.

Now kids, Mama Gus knows you’re anxious but this is the home stretch here. If you hightail it you’ll be seeing me in a little over ½ hour.

Thank you for riding on the Wolfeboro Mile. Today’s temperature is drunk, the gauge reading “fun”. Hope you packed your fun-caps.

Now, this was all packed in with actual directions. Just in case, knowing the author, I decided to bring back-up, I have Google Maps on my phone and a print out from MapQuest. But, while driving I decided to throw caution to the wind and take Julia’s directions.

Sure enough – they got me there in one piece, in exactly two hours.

My reward was waiting for me in the tiniest little lake town, in a really great apartment with a lake for a back yard!

The wolf and I loaded back into the car and started our 2 hour journey back to Boston – and I was able to have all my birthday wishes come true! And yes, there was debauchery. But I wouldn’t know, I was passed out on the kitchen floor.

It was fleeting, but Gussy was back!

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