Thursday, June 18, 2009


I’m sorry. I keep up with the Hills. I certainly hate myself for it, and I don’t openly talk about it unless, of course, other people are into it too. And more and more people are crawling out of the woodwork!

But I have a bit of a thing for fashion. I mean, I read fashion blogs every single day and I keep up with the trends. Gladiator sandals, bright nail polish colors, floral, big accessories… oh (I AM A TRENDSTER. NOT A HIPSTER!)

But, also, I just kind of love Lauren Conrad. I think The Hills is ridiculous, and it’s mainly just hilarious with the facial expressions and carefully plotted out storylines/drama. But Lauren, I think we can all agree, is one of the easiest to like on the show. All the drama tends to circle around her and she mainly just makes facial expressions through it all.

And she’s so cute! She wears great make-up (although, often a little too much)… she’s the most naturally pretty on the show, I think. Great hair! Great style! Thumbs up to it all!

But also, let me break it down. I think she's an OK person. I mean The Hills is totally fake - and I'm sure she'd be the first to admit it. In fact, she's never really denied the fact. But she also works. She's writing things and designing things, and she's leaving a hit show at its prime... and maybe that's all a publicity stunt but whatever. I like someone who works for things. I mean, look at Heidi and Spencer! They're digusting and their intentions are so obvious. OH MY GOD - am I really talking about this right now? I need to go throw up - but look! Pictures!

See, casual LC!

See, Vampy LC!

Red Carpet LC!

Cute Braided LC!

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