Friday, June 5, 2009

God, I hate being happy.

It really F's me up. I have writer's block. And I don't get to watch Reba at all anymore because I'm out all the time being "social" and "happy". PFfffft!!

But I was reading this blog today, and the lady has a weekly feature where she asks other bloggers the 10 things that make them most happy.

This might be the gayest* thing I ever put on this blog. But here goes.

The 10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy

1. Waves of laughter FOR me, not AT me.
2. Heels that don’t hurt but give me that powerful manager walk I love so much.
3. Ongoing bits with my friends (Guttermuppets)
4. Making out – but not the “we’re drunk, let’s make out” kind, unless it’s with someone I like. Or Julia.
5. Getting into a writing groove.
6. Mornings off with an iced coffee. Sigh.
7. Reading magazines and blogs.
8. Hanging out with the boys and being treated like one of the boys.
9. Being treated like a girl… at least every now and then.
10. My dog when he’s annoyed with me and makes cute little noises and pouts. (Which is… 98% of the time)

*and by "gay" I mean "queer"

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