Friday, June 5, 2009

Mom's trying to sleep!

As of last month, I have been at AMP for a year. It’s so crazy how fast the year flew by, but I don’t hate it. I had a great year! And even though at first I slightly regretted it (man, what I would have done to have a summer off!) and there was a point where I almost left for an unpaid internship in the field of my dreams… well, I made the right choice in staying, and it’s a great (albeit slightly annoying) job.

I say it’s annoying only because 9 times out of 10 I feel like I’m a mother. I come into work, I sit here and I handle the daily chores. I make coffee in the morning (well, other people usually beat me to it because they’re here earlier), I answer the phones, I clean dishes and countertops, I take out the trash/recycling, if something breaks it’s on me to fix it. I handle all the things nobody wants to handle – which is what moms do! And also, coming in at number one is the amount of complaints I receive. Broken copiers, toner needs to be replaced, why did someone steal my conference room?, and THE AC IS BROKEN.

I smile and deal with these things – but inside I think, “Really? You can’t figure out how to replace toner?” I hate tending to people sometimes. But the good thing is, I really love all these people. I might get a little annoyed sometimes, but when it comes down to it, I love all these crazy people. Well, I’m their mother, I should.

But the number one complainer is Kyle. Kyle will IM me, walk by me, email me – he’ll use any means of communication possible to complain AT LEAST once a day (though it’s usually more). I decided that I was done with it, so I printed out a sign entitled “KYLE’S COMPLAINTS: WHAT IS IT TODAY, KYLE?” and hung it up in the kitchen so he could use that instead of bombarding me with im’s.

So far the list reads:

My twix was melted due to AC broken
I had to bring in shorts due to AC broken
This sheet is too far from my desk
The Supply Closet

I love this place.

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