Monday, June 22, 2009

Patty Barrett presents: A Weekend

Isn't he just adorable?

Every Friday I start my weekend sitting in a café with two men – we drink some coffee or a smoothie, we eat sandwiches (which this past Friday, we smuggled in from a different establishment) and we stare out the window and sometimes see people we know and we yell “PERSON!” but we never chase them. And we chat – although generally, I’m just alienated because I don’t like good music, movies, podcasts or anything really. I’m just there to witness their conversation. Unless, of course, we’re gossiping. Because that I’m all over.

Then, Michael Anastasia! Oh, it felt so great to have those ol’ dimples back in my life for a night. It was just a delightful night. We did everything right – we watched a show, which was weird seeing him in the audience and not on stage. Then he performed in the Midnight Show and I got to laugh at him again! And then we got crazy drunk and stayed up til 7am because I live in the North End now so I’m fun again.

And, y’know, I love people. I love being social and hanging out with 100 of my friends at a time – but we had a gathering at our apartment and it was just 8 of us and it was just perfect. A good mix of people, a good mix of fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.

That is, until, Kiley woke up to the smell of burning and realized our bathroom had caught on fire while we were sleeping. She frantically woke me up and we had to call Chris (the artist also known as CHRIAAAS) downstairs to tell us that our landlord wouldn’t hate us because it wasn’t our fault. The exhaust fan/light was left on for a long period of time (some time between 7 and 10am! That’s not that long!) and it caught on fire and somehow burnt itself out. The landlord said, “It’s a miracle you guys are alive.” Great! Thanks!

To add to the mess – we had O’Hara wandering around in his boxers fighting with the cat and a Hipster passed the F out in Ki’s room and a windbreaker in the kitchen not tied around someone’s waist. It was one of those mornings where I woke up and thought, “Is this my life?”

So, I decided to go home for Father’s Day, which basically entailed sleeping off my hangover on the couch all day, having a mental breakdown, and eating steak tips.

Tylenol PM and I had a hardcore relationship – and then I woke up for rehearsal. Now, kids, rehearsal usually runs 12-5 – and usually even gets out earlier because of corporate shows/Leather Gang rehearsals/etc. And there are usually about 6 breaks because improvisers need their breaks. Imaginations need rest! But this rehearsal ran from 12-7:30 with 1 or 2 breaks. And we somehow choreographed a dance, learned how to sing two songs, and had a majority of it all memorized by the end of the day. Which we then had to perform in front of a live audience at 9:45. Yikes.

But, it was so worth it. The bruises on my thighs in the shape of hand-prints from the dance routine, the body pain, the tired eyes, the hoarse voice – because WE DID IT! Boston! We did it! The sketch shop went over so well and I think we’re all really coming together and making it happen. And it always helps when cute boys are cute and Evan drinks alchamilk and eats cold leftovers from bartenders.

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