Monday, June 29, 2009

The Staj

I think one of the funniest and strangest parts of my life right now is that I sleep in Mike Anastasia’s old room. It’s actually fine, because when I hear the tiny moans of ghosts of girlfriends past and see the shelving that’s covered in notches – I know that someday maybe I’ll be awesome, too.

Mike was here over the past two weekends, and they were very fun and very busy weekends indeed. I enjoyed them tremendously. He said that Richie paid him one of the best compliments when he told him that even when Mike’s drunk on stage, he can still do good improv. And it’s true – because if you saw Mike walk in to the building on Friday night with his little red cheeks and dimples out hugging people and screaming for a slice of pizza, you’d say, “How is he going to do a show?” and I know, because I said that. Then he did it… and he hosted an interview structure with ease, and I thought, “Damn.” He good.

Also, note, that Mike really said Richie gave him one of the best compliments of his improv career basically… and it was that he can still perform well when he’s drunk. Take it in. Think about that. And realize that’s why I love the Staj.

The best part of the weekend was waking up on a tired Saturday morning to see Mike’s little feet dangling over the couch and to hear “Oh, hey Patty”. Although, the previous night rivaled it when he was going to bed and took off his Green Lantern ring (which amazed Kiley and I considering I thought it was just a part of his skin) and laid down on the couch covered in a pink sheet. He’s the cutest.

But now he’s back in LA. And Boston is a little bit more gloomy. Actually, that’s just because the sun has decided to hate us.

In other news, Lost in Boston, Or Something Wicked Pissah This Way Comes opens THIS Wednesday at 8pm! It’s going to be a great show – I’m super excited!

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