Friday, June 12, 2009

Stupid quotes.

I read a quote earlier this week (because I get Real Simple Daily Quotes… because I have a tendency to get miserable sometimes and I need all the help I can get to pull me out of it!) and it said, “A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.”

Dear quote originator,

You’re wrong.

Love, Patty Barrett

And for once, I’m totally blaming it on the weather! Well, that and my awful anxiety. I get anxiety over the weirdest things.

This week hasn’t been any different from previous weeks in “The Year of Patty”, but it’s been one week that is just screwing with my head. I hate looking like shit, and this weather is making it really hard for me to look like a normal human being. Wet clothing, frizzy hair, GFY mother nature.

I moved to the North End this week, and that stressed me out a bit. Piece of advice? Moving a mattress up North End stairs is nearly impossible. Moving a box spring? Definitely impossible. I’m sleeping on a mattress on top of a bed frame – and it’s basically like sleeping on a hammock. I’ve been waking up with worse back pain than usual!

But, I have to say, living in the North End is convenient. The rent is amazingly cheap, the air smells like fresh-baked bread and ocean, I get to sleep later and stay out later because I get to sleep later, there’s a Starbucks around the corner, and I get to have kitchen talks with Kiley about boys.

It’ll be pretty amazing, once it starts actually feeling like summer and it soon becomes “The Summer of Patty” and then I'm all happy-time again.

I need a martini.

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becky said...

lately the RS quotes have sucked. also, hooray for the north end!


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