Thursday, June 4, 2009

Those are words! That I wrote!

I’m not one to toot my own horn… (Yes. Yes, I am.)

I’ve talked about it before, but tonight’s the big night! I wrote a play! I did it! Me! Miss can’t-sit-still-for-more-than-ten-minutes! Miss can’t even sit through plays because her (self-diagnosed) ADD! I actually sat down and wrote a play.

Somehow I managed to come up with characters, and scenes, and intertwine them, and form some sort of plot and storyline that went somewhere – and amid all the craziness, it’s actually pretty damn funny. And sure, I think my own words are funny – but the way the characters are played out on stage is absolutely amazing. Hilarious. Trevor is one of the main characters, and oh my god – I can’t even deal with it. Performing with him is always fun and hilarious – but seeing him in this character made my life.

I saw the preview show last night, and I was laughing so hard I was crying… which sucked because my make-up came off and I had a show immediately after and nothing to touch up with – but it was worth it because I was so happy. I’m pretty sure my heart floated up to the ceiling.

I loved the entire process. I loved writing it, meeting with Jeremy at Café Lil Italy to get directed and do edits and gossip. I loved the read-through, and I loved not having anything to do with it the past month so that I could be completely surprised when the show went up.

It was hands down one of the best moments of my life. Those are words! That I wrote! And of course, I had to run away immediately so that I could be harassed by my team and Matt could punch me in the eye during my Leather Gang show. But hey, it was fun to feel like a star for a minute.

It’s been a really great year for me so far. What with the play, performing with the best House Team I’ve ever had: The Leather Gang, getting on the NXT cast, and weekly shows in Somerville with Awkward Compliment. I’m a lucky girl.

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Erin said...

Congrats on your play, Patty! That's a giant accomplishment :)


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