Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Last week during the Midnight Show, we spent a good amount of time complaining about the North End. The loud neighbors, the drunk guys outside Pompeii, the rats, the North End pool guests, the slow-walking tourists who flock to tourist traps like Giacamo’s and Mike’s Pastry (both conveniently located next to me and across the street from me)

But I’d have to say the good outweighs the bad. While I might have a small apartment and a 4th floor walk-up, in addition to the above issues, there are so many great things about the North End!

*It’s the middle of the city – all the T lines are near here, I can walk to most locations in Boston in 15 minutes, not to mention it’s so convenient to all of my jobs.
*5 minute morning commute (to day job), 5 minute evening commute (to night job)
*No more drunk driving, just drunk stumbling.
*The awesome roommate that is Kiley Fitzgerald.
*My own personal Cheers that is Goody Glover’s (even though “Cheers” is within walking distance as well… but that’s unimportant) There’s something great about walking into a bar and having the bartender say, “Captain and diet, Patty?” Knows my name and my drink – good man. (And maybe that’s a little pathetic and says I drink too much. I don’t care.)
*Most of my friends live in the neighborhood, making my life even more like "The Hills".
*The smell of pastry and bread in the morning. (Best around the Bova's area)
*The woman who makes the fresh pasta in the window late every night on Cross Street. I like her.
*The UPS delivery man, Steve, is quite possibly my favorite person ever! He delivers to my apt and both jobs, and he always yells out to me whenever I’m walking down the street and he’s in his truck.
*Being within walking distance to the Boston waterfront, which is a wonderful place to go for a walk.
*The porch, which is the Rose Kennedy Greenway. It has become quite the hot spot for the IA folks: watching kids play in the fountains, lying out in the grass and getting sun burnt, drinking lemoncello and Arizona iced tea, and of course the gossiping.
*The prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches.
*Afternoons at Café Lil Italy.
*I’ll even admit the old men who hang out in “clubhouses” all day, or in front of the clubhouses in lawn chairs.

I love my new little North End life. Much better the second time around. Now if I can just get Matt and Casey to move here too!

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