Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get My Swerve ON

When I was 3, I started dancing school and I didn’t stop until I was 14. For 11 years, I performed and I was all about it. I did tap, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, pointe, lyrical, and anything else I could do. I lived for dancing. (My favorites were definitely lyrical and tap) I enjoyed going to class every week, especially when I was doing 3 at once. And even when dancing school wasn’t in session – I’d be making up dances in my back yard. Once, my neighbors and I even put on a whole 2 act dance recital in a venue outside of our houses! We even sold tickets and made a profit!

So, it’s no wonder that I looked towards performing when I needed to come out of the shell I was hiding in for my high school years. Dancing and comedy are very different, but not really. I still find ways to dance in comedy – I add splits to scenes that have no business having splits in them. Here I am in an office, KAZAM – a split! And if it’s not a split, it’s a high kick. And with dance breaks, and dance fights, and constant movement – it’s like a well choreographed dance recital!

I’ve always been absolutely enamored with dance. I went to a dance show two years ago that Liza was performing in, along with one of Julia’s cousins, and when I saw the lyrical/jazz routines – I almost started crying. I was so jealous and pissed at myself for giving up. That’s probably why I push myself so hard with improv lately – even when I was ready to throw in the towel a couple of months ago, I couldn’t do it. I thought about it and realized how stupid I was, because at this point in time – I can’t imagine my life without it.

Now who wants to sign up for a dance class with me? Or at the very least – go to a stupid club and get their swerve on with me!? Ooh Ooh!

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Nick said...

Me Me Me! I can throw you against a table for old time's sake!


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