Monday, July 6, 2009

happy 6th of July!

I love holiday weekends so much because there is nothing better than getting days off and getting paid for them. So on Thursday afternoon, I was released from work at 2pm and was paid to eat a long lunch at a nice Italian restaurant, shop at a North End boutique, and take a nap. On Friday, I was paid to sleep until noon, take a walk down to the Waterfront, go home to Everett for a few hours, and shop at Target.

Yup, rough life. But the one thing I hate about holidays is the pressure. Like, I didn’t go out to the fireworks, I had plans to but then they fell through at the last minute… so, instead, I sat on my bed and watched “How I Met Your Mother” until the shows at IA got out so I could meet up with them for drinks.

But, I miss the old Quote Board, so it was fun hanging out with the kids and hearing them say funny things that I would laugh at, and then write down, and they’d go, “Oh no, not this again!”

But yes, that again. Here were some gems from the 4th of July holiday:

"You dirty fucking slut, do not rub your wetness on me!" Brian O'Hara, while taking a picture and getting wet from someone who had just run in the Rose Kennedy Greenway fountains. Although, out of context it sounds so much funnier.

“So a couple of weekends ago, I woke up in this stranger’s bed.”
“It wasn’t a stranger’s bed, Brian, it was YOUR bed, you just didn’t recognize it!” – Kiley Fitzgerald, referencing the fact that Brian is a slut. Although the “stranger” he was referring to was me, and he was making a joke to rag on me about that time we slept together. I mean, literally slept together. He was under the covers and I was on top of the covers huddled in a ball scared for my life. But I was so damn tired.

“We’re the happiest Nazis!” Richie, after taking a bunch of cast photos and yelling out picture themes like, “Someone just said something really funny!” to “We’re all Nazis!”

“What’s her name again?”
“I think her name is Latest.” Jeremy, referencing someone’s latest squeeze.

I love me some long weekends, good weather, some brunch, some dinner, some drinks… some light shopping, some slight bankruptcy, some mental breakdowns and my cute dog.

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