Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to: RELAX.

I had a wonderful long weekend! I took Monday off, so I extended my weekend a day and for the first time in months I had one day where I had nothing to do. No work, no shows, no rehearsal, no bullshit. But, to avoid waking up in a panic over the fact that I had nothing to do and would be bored all day – I scheduled some things.

Part I: “Oh no! Your friend fell!”

I woke up early because it was too hot, but I tried to sleep anyway. Then Evan texted me and I decided to just get the F out of bed. I got ready and I met him outside, and we then proceeded to get manicures and pedicures!

Considering my Mad Men obsession, I got a pale pink on my fingernails. All the ladies in Mad Men had it, and I wanted to pretend I was them! Evan got nothing. I got a purple on my toes, and Evan got nothing. Although I tried to convince him to do a dark purple on his toes, or just one toe, so he could channel Prince. He didn’t.

Part II: “I don’t think the sun is working.”

It was hot, humid and gross out. Considering I never get any color because I’m holed up in an office, or a basement, all day and night – I convinced Evan to lay outside in the grass with me. I even skipped my face moisturizer in the morning because it contains SPF. We got a blanket, and we lied out for over 2 hours. We even did the whole “turning every ½ hour” thing and we felt the heat, but we didn’t see its result. So we stayed there. When we got up, we concluded the sun just didn’t like us and could do nothing for our skin…

Cut to three hours later when my skin was burning like crazy and I was so dehydrated I thought I might die. I had to sleep with a cold towel over me, and when I woke up – I looked like a lobster with bright red hair. Not a flattering look, but when it turns into a tan I’ll be awesome, as skin cancer crawls closer to me.

Part III: “You know it’s bad when you’re attracted to Pete Campbell”

The better part of the evening was dedicated to Mad Men. On my last blog post, I had only watched one episode. Well, at this point I have finished the whole first season and I’m on the second disc of the second season. I can’t get over how much I love the show. It’s so beautiful, and sexy, and dramatic, and funny, and entertaining. I just want to lie back, smoke a cigarette, drink some alcohol, and frolic. It makes me so nostalgic for a time period I didn’t even live in! Not even close! I was born 26 years after the year the show takes place in, but I’m so jealous of all the people on the show.

It was so bad that when I woke up, I thought, “Holy shit, there was a plane crash yesterday. I have to read about that.” And I then realized no… that was on the show… And Kennedy isn’t president, Obama is. And Don Draper… HE ISN’T REAL!


Anyways, that’s my three part story on how to live your life on a day off. Pamper yourselves.

p.s. Mad Men yourself.

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