Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Did It?

Last night was my first NXT show: Lost in Boston, Or Something Wicked Pissah This Way Comes. And, although I didn't really have time to freak out (though I still managed to)... it was a whirlwind of fun, hilarity and confusion... that somehow ended up being the best show I've ever been a part of!

Ladies and Gents, this show is actually pretty hilarious. And I'm not tooting my own horn here... I really just love it. Everyone's so talented, there are so many good sketches/improv structures/songs! It's all just too fun to handle. But it's also a very tech heavy show, there's a lot going on with music/lighting/video/props... so, it was easy for us all to be a little worried that the shit was going to hit the fan and everything would mess up. And, surprisingly, there were incredibly minor technical mishaps - but all in all, the show was smooooth sailing!

I can't believe it has premiered. It's so weird. If my internal calendar is correct, as of this month I've been doing improv for four years. When I first started going to the Asylum, it was 2002 and I was sophomore in high school. Four years later, I started taking classes. And another four years later, I'm on a cast. It has been a pretty big dream of mine for EIGHT years. That's nearly a third of my life. And when I was sitting in Section 1, Row B... I thought, "This is so fucking cool." And some of the people on stage that night were in the audience last night for my first show rooting for me, and it was really sort of overwhelming.

After the show, I was elated. I couldn't believe how smooth and great it all went for an opening night. People were sort of taken back like, "What? It went that great on a premiere night?" and I know some people probably didn't go because they wanted to give us time to master the kinks - but after 3 or 4 preview shows, the kinks were already mastered! It felt really great, because I've never worked so hard for anything in my life. I've never been rejected and thrown down and vulnerable that many times before, and it's pretty unlike me to get back on the horse so many times. But I did it! Norm said, "You earned this. You deserve to be on that stage and you got yourself there, nothing was handed to you." And that felt so great to hear. I did this... for some strange reason, I just kept on going. From Level 2 Patty to House Teams to Seriously Bent to Awkward Compliment to Leather Gang to NXT... it has been a very trying and AWESOME four years.

It felt great to have the support of the people who I've been working for all these years to see me in that light. I really have grown up in front of their eyes, because I wouldn't be who I am right now without them... in some weird way. Man, how grossly sentimental! But seriously... it's a big deal for me. And I'm really proud of myself. Pat, pat, pat. That was me patting myself on the back.

Oh, improv, I love you.

So, you should all come and see the show this summer. Preferably on a night I'm in it. Huzzah! We did it!

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becky said...

this proves that the more you rub up against the support beams, the faster you get promoted in that place.

kidding! you worked hard. i'm super proud lady!!!


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