Friday, July 24, 2009

Mad About Mad Men

First of all – I’d like to start this blog out by preaching. One of my best friends, Jess, got into a car accident last night. Here’s what sucks:

- It was a cab driver without a license.
- She may have sprained her wrists and she just became a licensed Dental Hygienist, and her wrists are crucial!

But the good news is, she was wearing a seat belt and that is what saved her life. So, click it… or ticket. Or die. Just click it!

In other news – I’m going to come out and say that I’m sort of obsessed with beauty and fashion. It’s kind of weird. I spend a lot of time during the day reading beauty/fashion blogs, or shopping websites, or reading one of the 5 magazines I subscribe to (which also just has to do with my love of magazines.)

While sometimes I look like I put on whatever was on my floor, sometimes I carefully construct outfits. And my make-up collection costs well over $200. I’m not bragging about that, it’s a statement. A sad, pathetic one. God, I’m so poor.

But when I said, “I think I want to watch Mad Men.” Evan was like, “Oh, Patty, you’re going to love it. The fashion! The smoking! The drinking!” And last night, I watched the first episode… and well; I’m in love with it.

How come whiskey looks SO good when people drink it in the movies and television? The pour, the bottle, the single ice cube… it’s absolutely amazing. But it tastes so gross. And the smoking – I’ve never wanted a cigarette so bad in my life!

But, the fashion really did me in. When I first saw Joan and realized that she was the Office Manager (I’m the Office Manager too!) and had the SAME hair color as me, I was excited. And as I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what type of make-up looks good with this hair color, I took note from her and today wore the same shades. (Pathetic.)

I also did my hair like another red head because it was so pretty.

Oh yeah, and the plot of the show is actually kind of great. And the men are handsome, and the ladies are voluptuous and beautiful!

Man, I wish I could have lived then.

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