Friday, July 17, 2009


I long for the days when we were all in middle school and the only way to determine our futures was by playing MASH.

We picked who we wanted to end up with, what career we wanted to have, how many kids, where we were going to live, what car we were going to drive… it’s so funny. Somehow, that’s all that mattered. It gave me more hope than anything! Something to look forward to in this life. I was totally going to marry Brad Renfro, drive a Mercedes and live in an apartment. (FYI – Brad Renfro is dead. So, that’s not going to happen. I always fall for the drug abusers – I guess it’s an Everett thing.)

Well, I just discovered you can play this game online! Though it’s nothing compared to doing it on a regular piece of notebook paper during a boring Social Studies class – it’ll do the job for now.

And so it turns out that my life is figured out. I’m marrying Evan, we’re living in California, driving a green Lexus, and I’m an improv comedian! Go me! I’ll have to negotiate that whole 18 kids part – I forgot that’s what the numbers were there for and I didn’t mean to write 18. It’s just a favorite number of mine. Holy shit, no, I can’t have 18 kids! Please, no!

Here are some weekend notes for you:

- The House Teams start up next Tuesday night at 8 o’clock, it’s the premiere night of the new “season” and I’m super excited about the Leather Gang’s new structure and the whole show set-up as well!

- Everyone should relax this weekend. You’ve earned it!

- There’s a raging party for Kiley this Saturday night and it’s going down! We’re going to party into the morning light.

- If you’re poor, don’t spend all your money buying clothes you do not need when your closet is already way too full to fit anything else in there.

- Listen to the song “Can You Feel It” by Michael Jackson.

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