Monday, July 20, 2009

The Porch.

If you live in the North End, you've probably been to the porch a time or two.

Getting out at 12:30 on Friday afternoons is possibly the best invention ever. It makes the week go by faster, because you have something to look forward to. And Fridays fly by – and the weekends are a tad bit longer. It’s 100% perfect.

Last week, Evan and I got out of work. We have a Friday ritual which consists of eating sandwiches… secretly. But last week the ritual went up in flames and it wasn’t nearly as successful as it usually is. So, he got Chinese food and I got a sandwich and we took our lunch to the Rose Kennedy Greenway. We found Cavbot and we ate our lunch while we talked to him and watched little kids run through the fountains. And by “run through the fountains” I mean they were grinding their crotches against the fountains and it was extremely awkward and uncomfortable. They don’t understand why it feels good. I wouldn’t let my kids do it if I were a parent. Thankfully, I’m not.

It was really hot on Friday, so Evan and Cavan decided to jump into the fountains. They ran through them, and then Cavan got out. But Evan stayed. All the little kids came up to him and started messing with him, and he kept running through the fountains. Then they gathered around him, like a bunch of groupies, and started making fun of him, as kids do:

“You’re ugly!” said one girl, and Evan just laughed.

“You’re hairy!” said another, and Evan had to prove himself so he said, “Not as hairy as most!”

Later, as he “saved” the kids from their deaths (which meant they would lie on top of the water and when they moved, all the water would go into his face) he would scream “WHY!! WHY!! WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME?!?! OH MY GODDDD” over and over and over. One girl looked at us and said, “HE’S SUCH A BAD ACTOR!” It was probably the funniest thing ever.

An hour and a half later, I sat by myself in a chair as Evan played with the kids. The next day, we’d sit in the same spot and drink limoncello and Arizona Iced Tea and get drunk in the afternoon.

But that’s the porch for ya!

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