Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Superhero named Patty

Kyle: Patty, did you dye your hair?
Me: Yes, I did!
Kyle: It looks good, what color is it?
Me: Red.
Kyle: Oh, it looks purple.
Me: What??
Kyle: It looks reddish with purple in the light.
Me: Well, I’m also a superhero.
Kyle: You’re a superhero?
Me: Yeah.
Kyle: What’s your name?
Me: … Patty.
Kyle: You’re an improv actress and that’s what you came up with me? Think it over, and we’ll do the same thing to Matt -- Matt, did you see Patty dyed her hair?
Matt: Oh yeah, Patty it looks nice.
Kyle: Ask her what color it is.
Matt: I’d say it’s “auburn mist”
Me: Ooh! Kyle said it looks purple.
Matt: No, it doesn’t.
Kyle: No! Here’s what happened! Now, you know what Patty moonlights as – an improv actress – so I said it looked purple and she said she was also a superhero and then I asked what her name was and she said PATTY!
Matt: I actually think it’s kind of funnier because you’d expect her to say some crazy name but she ends up just saying Patty. Did you say it dead pan?
Me: Yeah.
Matt: That’s funnier.
Kyle: Whatever, Patty – HOW’S YOUR PLAY GOING?

Kyle likes to call my improv shows “plays”… so every time I correct him, he says “Nope. They’re plays.”

Just another day, being a superhero… and nobody gets it. Nobody gets that those crazy names in the movies aren’t REAL. In real-life superhero world, we all just have normal names!

I don't have a picture, so that above pic will have to do. Even if it's not real, that's sort of the color. And that may or may not have been the inspiration... here's what it's like on a real person!

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