Thursday, July 30, 2009


About a year ago, I "quit" working at IA as a manager (despite the fact I still worked) and I was replaced with Victor Yamboa, the new Filipino Patty. Unfortunately, on my last night, I couldn't work. I had sprained/severely fractured my ankle and was forced to lie on the couch the whole night while I helped Bryan and Victor co-manage. So, that was his first impression of me.

Lately, I've been spending more time getting to know him. He's a brilliant artist, a genuinely nice guy, and he's super funny. He's really quiet and respectful, and it's hard to be that down at IA. Everyone's personalities are so loud that it's so easy to fall in the background. I'm glad Vic's coming out of his shell! And I must say, he gives 5 and 2 like an old pro now. He ain't scared of NOBODY.

Evan and I were talking to him once about making a banner for our NXT show opener. Two days later, he had an AMAZING painting. I ran into him on the street and we asked him how it was coming along (assuming he'd forgot or didn't put much effort into it) and bam, he pulled out his sketchbook and revealed the awesomeness! He's so talented.

So, I'm directing you to his blog. Where you'll read his words and see his artwork. Trust me, he's brilliant. Also, feel free to make fun of him for misspelling things like "were" instead of "we're" OMG, what an idiot! (English is his second language.)

There's a cute little mention of drawing his girlfriend, and he says, "Good thing I'm already going out with her." I thought that was adorable. I haven't heard someone refer to dating as "going out" in a long time. I love it.

So go here! Vic! Vic! Vic!

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Vic Yambao ART said...

Stumbled upon this for the first time.Thanks for the kind words. My first impression of you was, "wow...she got so drunk she broke an ankle. How the hell do I compete with that?" later on I broke my knee and managed the front house with a cane for two months. Nobody cared.


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