Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vote For Vince

My friend Vince signed up for a contest on Facebook called, "Make A Friend Famous" for Entourage. If he wins, he gets to be on a billboard in LA. Right now, he's in 21st place, but with your help - he could be 1st! You get to vote 5 times a day until the contest ends! So, you should help! http://apps.facebook.com/entouragecontest/?uid=17904048

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Make Vince Famous:

1. He is a fun guy, which is why him and I co-created "Team Fun". Team Fun is our office event planning committee. It used to be a whole bunch of people, but HR was like, "Nope, you guys are fun, we want to make it the two of you." So, if you think I'm fun (which, let's face it... I am) then you'd definitely think Vince is fun!

2. He has the thickest authentic Boston accent.

3. He went to high school with Matt Catanzano.

4. At the office holiday party in December, he sang "Ice Ice Baby" in front of everyone because we all filled out a questionaire asking what our theme songs were. He wrote "Ice Ice Baby" and then had to sing it. I wrote, "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks, and somehow ended up singing, "Get The Party Started" by Pink. Sure.

5. He just got back from Vegas! What's not fun about Vegas!

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