Monday, July 13, 2009

What's your word?

I could blog about my weekend, but that would be as un-interesting AS my weekend. No seriously, I sat inside on Saturday night in full “going out” attire unsure of what to do/waiting for something to do while watching a Michael Jackson E True Hollywood story… until Dibello beckoned me and we did together what I would normally do on any given weekday OR weekend night when I’m bored and alone… go see a show at IA.

Fuck, I just blogged about my weekend.

I took a personality test today that asked me to rank animals (cow, tiger, sheep, pig and horse) and then the test told me what my rank meant about me. I ranked them: cow, tiger, horse, sheep, pig – that meant I valued “career, pride, family, love & money” which is an awful selfish way of putting it… but it’s probably true.

My career is my number one priority right now… or else people would see me a lot more! I have to have a day job so I can make money, and I have to do improv because it makes me happy and I want do it forever! FOREVER!

Pride’s also major in my life – for many reasons. If you’ve read the book “Eat, Pray, Love” you’ll remember a part when she was in Italy talking to Luca Spaghetti, and he asked Liz what words were for different things. For instance, he said Italy’s word would be “sex” and New York’s would be “succeed” or “achieve”… I think Boston’s word is “pride” because we’re a very proud people. Even when we’re sucking, we’re proud of it. And luckily – I’m from here! So that means I get to be full of pride too.

I wonder what my personal word would be. I think about this a lot, but can’t narrow something down. I waste too much time wishing certain words were mine. Driven? Sure, I’m totally driven… when I feel like doing something. I’m too lazy to be driven. So, maybe it’s “lazy”. But, no, I’m way too busy. I used to think it was “responsible” or “mature” but well, no. Neither of those are true. Seriously Bent all but destroyed that for me.

I just don’t know, but I hope it’s a good word. I’d like to say “creative” but right now I’ll just stick with “hot mess” (The above picture shows this perfectly!)

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