Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to College and Back Again

On Saturday night, I had one of those nights where everything just felt right again. Julia was in town, and for some reason – she just unites us all. I see all the Seriously Bent kids sparingly and when I do it’s just one or two people at a time. I feel like I never just hang out with everyone anymore – because life is too busy for me this summer.

But Saturday night, we all headed to Kelly’s apartment and since it wasn’t crazy town like it usually is – we all sat in the kitchen and played Kings. The greatest part? It was us. The gang! Trevor, Kelly, Wilson, Mandella, Julia, Bryan and I (and Mitch, but not until later). Cavan and Wilson’s lady friend was there, but it was something I’ve wanted for so long – just another night with the gang and not all the extras. It took me back to college and it felt great.

You put all of us in one room together and things get crazy. We laugh, we make fun of each other, we talk about awful things, sometimes body parts are exposed (mainly Julia’s) and things just get out of control. We’re so close and we know so much about each other – and have all the dirt – so when other people are in the room, particularly a significant other, it gets weird.

The poor lady friend – she had to sit there while all of us sat around and drank too much (Mandella and I were drinking vodka gimlets out of giant tumblers) and smoked cigarette upon cigarette (I was pretending I was on Mad Men, clearly.) And when the game got to the “Never Have I Ever” portion – everyone’s dirty laundry was aired out and I was thinking it was like an episode of some fucked up reality show.

Sometimes I think Seriously Bent is this weird cult.

It is.

But on a lighter note: Julia and I pretended to be lesbians and we got a caricature drawn of the two of us. We met in college and we did comedy together then she moved to NH and I stayed in Boston and we’re going to get married and she’s going to walk down the aisle like a snow princess with a cloak. So, basically, our actual life.

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