Monday, August 10, 2009


Last week, I approached Evan with my new fear... that I'm becoming a feminist.

I don't think I am. But I have found myself getting more and more offended by things lately. Mainly, seeing men benefit more than women in certain situations/careers/areas of life. Also, I've taken a tiny interest in women's rights.

But, this is also coming from the girl who didn't understand a joke in the NXT show about hitting a woman because she's so used to being hit and not finding anything wrong with it. (I mean, of course there's something wrong with hitting a woman! And I'm used to being playfully hit by my friends/improvisers, not angrily by other men.)


I'm sure I'm fine. It's OK that I look up to Tina Fey and strong, empowered females... and I can still be offended by these vintage advertisements for Pitney Bowes postage machine and Lucky Strike cigarettes without being considered a "feminist". It is kind of hilarious though! (But the problem is, they weren't meant to be!) Oh, Don Draper...

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