Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monumental Moments

You know those monumental moments in people’s lives? Like, “Where were you when JFK was shot?” and “Where were you when you heard about September 11th?”

Well, it was a really snowy day in November. Veteran’s Day weekend, or some shit like that. I had to go register for my second semester of freshman year, and I walked in to the guy’s office (which would later be an office I worked in senior year) and I was “undeclared”. I left a Public Relations major and an Art History minor. Eh, whatever.

I left the office and loved the snow. It may have been the first snowfall, I don’t know. But it was a pretty walk from the Donahue building in Beacon Hill to my dorm on Tremont Street. I called my dad to pick me up – I wanted to go home that weekend. I went home everyweekend. To “do laundry”, but really, I was boring. I had friends, but most of them were back in Everett because I was too shy to make friends with people at school. Actually, my “school friends” went home on the weekends too. Except my roommate. I liked her. I miss her.

I digress.

I got home and my friend Janine called because she was at the hospital. Her sister just had a baby, and Janine didn’t want to be there anymore apparently. Betsy and I jumped in the car (it was nearly a full-out blizzard at this point) and we picked up Janine. I was driving my dad’s van and it was awful. But we got home in one piece.

Ah, all the details. I remember them so well. And what was the monumental occasion? Well, it was the first time I ever watched Arrested Development. I had watched one episode while in high school, but it wasn’t until I watched the whole first season from start to finish that I thought, “Holy shit. THIS is what it’s supposed to be like!”

Everything should be like that. Every TV show should pay attention to the small details and have the same genius continuity! Every character on every TV show should be a major character and useful for the entire plot of the show. I mean, every episode is just as entertaining as the last. The jokes never get old. And even Michael Bluth – the supposed sane member of his family – could be a boring, straight man character – but no! When you take him out of his family, HE’S JUST AS INSANE.

Man, that show changed my life. And by “changed my life” I mean made me feel bad about myself for lusting after a tall, balding guy and a 16-year-old Michael Cera. It even made me like Liza Minelli. I owe everything to that show. I can’t wait for the movie!

A good site for all AD-related (including scripts, quotes, fun): Balboa Observer-Picayune

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