Monday, August 31, 2009

Now hold on one minute.... OHHHHHH

So… Evan is moving to LA. He had his last Improv Asylum show last night and talking about it right now is like sticking my fingers into an open wound. I mean, right now my eyes look like a spider bit them because they’re so puffy from crying all night! But, he went out on a good note. The show was amazing and super fun… and Matt made him roll dice, so all was well in the world.

But, it’s particularly hard for me because we’ve been on this journey together the whole time. We worked in the front of house together, we became managers together, we did House Teams together, we quit IA together, we worked together at a day job outside of IA, then we did NXT together… and now we’re at the fork in the road where I have to let him go and move on and continue the journey alone, and I have to do the same thing. I know I’ll be okay, and I know he’ll do great in LA… but at the same time, it’s hard to fathom. It’s like I’m starting a new life, too.

It’s crazy to think once upon a time, I was selling tickets and he was picking up bottles. We went out after a shift once for food, and we saw Mike Anastasia (the Staj) walk in with some girl, and he went to the other side of the restaurant. And at that point, we were still new-ish… meaning, we’d been there for not quite long enough for them to take the time to remember our names yet (wink!) and Evan said, “Man… you know, I look at him… I say hi, but it's like... we're not people. It’s "Hey!!... Sure, I’ll go take out your trash now... I'll throw out your beer...”

Three years later WE’D be those assholes! Here we are today! Now we’re the talent and people can’t look US in the eye! (Jokes!) Whatta world!

So… here’s to afternoons on the porch, late-night ATM talks, combinations to butts, societies and secrets and sandwiches, an actual handshake that has lasted!, car rides where he thought he’d die from my driving, smiley face emoticons… and the thousand of other memories. I’d be a different person today if I didn’t have them, that’s for sure! And I know there’s a thousand more in the future!

Man, I love that gross idiot.

But in other news: Check out, BOOP! (I’m serious. It’s real. It's not entertaining yet, but it will be!)

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