Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stupid Hype

(I wanna snuggle with this silhouette)

I’m the type of girl who doesn’t “buy into the hype” of things, even though very deep down I know that I probably would like whatever it is. Take, for example, Harry Potter. In 8th grade, a kid was reading it and I thought “Pfft, what a child!” Cut to years later when I showed up for many midnight movies and releases of the 5th, 6th and 7th books – which I then took time off work so that I could spend entire days reading.

And these days, it’s Mad Men. Oh, Mad Men… what you do to me! It’s sort of ridiculous how much I love it (this is like my 3rd time blogging about it), and how much it alters my life decisions. From the color of my finger nails, the make-up I put on in the morning and even the drinks I order.

Every time I walk into Goody’s, I basically don’t even need to ask for a drink. The bartender recognizes me and starts preparing my drink. I sort of wish I was kidding. I mean, in all honesty, it’s super cool to have a Cheers style relationship at my local bar, but I think it’s a little bit sad. Last night, Mike almost made my usual Captain and diet Coke until I said, “Nope, trying something different this week!” and asked for a vodka gimlet. He laughed at me, and pulled out an old-timey glass and made me a very, very stiff drink which the ladies and fellas on Mad Men would certainly approve of!

But, I’m a little put-off that my current obsession is linked in with so many other people’s obsession! It’s like I’m in love with someone, and we have this really hardcore relationship going on, and then I find out he’s cheating on me with EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD. Don’t do this to me “Mad Men”! Don Draper, I know you’re all for adultery – but even to me?!

But, it does make it easier to get my fix. There’s a blog called “We Heart This” that is totally dorky and ridiculous (aka right up my alley) and it’s having a Mad Men-themed week. So, I’m good for the week. And don’t make fun of me if I stay in on Sunday night, relax on the couch in my Sunday best, drinking a Tom Collins and watching the season 3 premiere!

JUST ME! … and everyone else in the world.

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Nick said...

Yeah no one's ever made you a vodka gimlet before... RIGHT?!


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