Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from Staycation!

Did you know that today is my first full work week since MAY!? Well, it is. And that sucks. First days back from vacation are always tough - but today actually hasn't been that bad.

People have actually told me they missed me! I had a nice long lunch in the greenway! I took my time easing back into work and didn't multi-task! It's been a pretty great day so far. Especially since I finally slept last night with the comfort of knowing our new NXT show is probably 75% there!

We had a pretty grueling rehearsal yesterday that lacked both bits and breaks. I mean, we really only went off-topic and derailed conversations like once... and we didn't run to CVS every 20 minutes like usual. 6 hours of hard work, then our old show, then a sketch preview of our new show! Yikes - long day. But I went to bed (aching from poor footwear choice, as usual) and could finally say "HEY! WE DID IT!"

The day was going smoothly - until my plant was stolen off my desk by a very tall man who placed it on top of a coat closet that I can't reach!

You can't win everything.

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