Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guys, Gays and Girls.

I realized today over a series of texts with my roommate, that I sometimes feel like I'm 13 again. In a good way. The best part of having a roommate is having a friend that is a LADY!

So it’s okay for me to be like, “So today, the guy I have a crush on pushed my chair in! He totally has a crush on me!” and she’ll be like, “Yeah!” But if I ever say that to guys, it’s like, “Patty, listen to yourself, you dumb idiot. You’re a fool.”

I’m a total fool. But that’s okay. Your lady friends let you be fools. But unfortch –I don’t have many of those. I am surrounded by men and it’s because of my chosen profession. There are tons of women in comedy – but there are far more men. And I tend to hang out with the men more often. I’m the only lady in the Leather Gang, I’m the only lady in Awkward Compliment, and I’m one of three ladies in the NXT – and one is a lesbian! I've got my guys & my gays - but not many girls! (But the girls I do have, I wouldn't trade for the world!)

So it’s nice to come out at the end of the day and talk to my lady roommate – who has no problem talking about boys with me for hours on end. Or fashion. Or whatever it is that girls talk about – like how heavy your flow is and what the Backstreet Boys said on TRL that day.

But Kiley and I sort of have our own weird thing going on – like the fact we never refer to anyone by their actual name. Everything’s a code, and everyone has a nickname. I could say, “You know that guy in the training center with the piercings?” And she’ll be like, “Huh?” so I’ll make up a nickname for him. “So today I ran into Piercings” and she’ll go, “Ooooh!” (Btw – that’s a fake one. There’s no one nicknamed Piercings. But I bet you were wondering who it could be, eh?)

So, we’re always there chilling out in Lady Boner City over the nicknamed boys who make our hearts skip beats!

Plus, I'm sure my guys are super stoked that I have someone to talk about boys with - because I'm pretty sure they're sick of it!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Patty, you're the best!!!!! this made me laugh and want to cry...I can't cry anymore because I'm dead inside but, when I am able to find some tears again...I will remember this and cry!

I love nicknames...We need them to keep our sytem organized.

LADYBONER CITYon the 3-4-9!!!!


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