Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Internet & Texting Ruined Us.

The internet has played a major role in connecting you to anybody you’re looking for, whether it be a friend or a husband. It’s great. There are people I’ve got to know better because of the internet, and relationships (or pseudo-relationships, to ease Steve’s mind! :D) that probably only happened because of late-night AIM chats and constant Myspace messaging. The internet takes away all the anxiety of getting to know someone – because everything you need to know is there for you, and if you’re afraid to make a phone call, you can always IM someone and say you IM’d the wrong person if they don’t seem all that responsive. (Right? I'm not the only one who did that, right?!?)

But it also takes away all that excitement. I don’t really have all that much experience in that area, considering I spent my awkward teenage years glued to a computer screen, but the internet and texting has literally destroyed relationships.

Over the summer, I had a crush on someone. In person, I was lady smooth. I said funny things, I acted all cute, I wasn’t over the top (well, except when I was drunk)… but in person, I knew exactly what he was thinking. So if I felt that I should dial it back, I would. But, he seemed pretty into it. But then, we’d text, and the game all changed. I was a barrel of nerves. It would take me a year to come up with some witty response, and then I was afraid it was too witty, or too much. I’d feel uncomfortable, and when he didn’t respond I’d be convinced he hated me and I offended him. I turned into a girl. A GIRL!!!

And based on a conversation Kiley and I were having the other night – we’re blaming it on the fact that everything used to be done in person or on the phone. You went out on dates, you talked on the phone until 3am, and you’d get to know each other using voices and body language. Now, everything is texting and witty Facebook commenting. There was never a question before, and now every day is just a question!

What are girls to do? “have the talk”?!? who does that? So instead, we throw back a few diet pirates (Captain and Diet cokes) and hope for the best. The best being waking up in some dude's bed that isn't our own. Right? That's the best case scenario? Right? Totally.

P.s. Happy Birthday to Matt "Babyface" Gudernatch for letting me call him Babyface due to his incredibly baby-like face, and also for being a great friend!

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