Monday, September 28, 2009

The Leather Gang, creative genius.

Every week on Sunday, I wake up in the morning. Sometimes it’s in my apartment, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I want a coffee; sometimes I need a coffee (and 3 advil… and a banana). But no matter how I’m feeling, where Babyface’s car is, or how many cute cats or mini ninjas are distracting me - I have to get it together for a nearly 10 hour day of rehearsals and shows.

Yesterday that finally included The Leather Gang again. I missed them. Well… I did until we sat in a circle, closed our eyes and they all started farting and blaming me. But, well, that’s what I get for surrounding myself with gross idiots.

The Leather Gang is unique. Every run, our structure is formed from the most random shit. Last time, we did a structure called the “totem pole” because towards the end of rehearsal, Jeremy walked out of the room. We thought it’d be hilarious to get into a totem pole position and be posing for him when he walked back in. We probably sat there for 5 minutes amusing nobody but ourselves. Soon enough, the door opened… but it wasn’t Jeremy. It was a bunch of kids from a Level 1 class, who just saw us sitting in a perfect progression of height totem pole. (As you can see above.) Then Norm walked in, wondering what the hell we were doing. Eventually Jeremy walked into a room full of people staring at these crazy idiots posing in a totem pole by themselves, and goes, “Yes.”

Actually when Norm walked in it was funny. He said, "Who's this? Who's at the bottom?" and I responded, "Jonah." then he said, "Jonah, what are you doing down there?" then Jonah looked up, and he Norm said, "Don't look at me. Stay in your position! I didn't tell you to move!"

Then we did an entire run where our structure was based on that image alone.

Yesterday was no different. Our structure came to us while we were sitting down, eating whole grain goldfish that Trevor repeatedly said were awful but still ate while gossiping. I’m interested in seeing how it goes.

Tuesday night shows make my week a lot more full and content, like after Thanksgiving dinner.

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