Thursday, September 24, 2009

Patty Paints Herself

I have friends who don’t want negative perceptions of them all over the place – or any perception at all – so they have no photos on Facebook (unless they’re professional), or they’re not on Facebook at all. They don’t everyone to know what they’re doing at any given moment (Twitter) and they don’t want people to know about their lives. Anything on the internet is a professional, watered down version of who they are.

Me? I’m obsessed with social media. I think all these new interactive ways to put yourself out there is really interesting. There’s so much you can accomplish – for free. People can view your writing or videos – or photography!; you get all the free publicity you want. I also don’t hold back much about my life. And some people think that’s a downfall – putting too much of you out there – and maybe it is, but I’m a fan of self-expression. Even if it means I can easily be tracked by stalkers and/or people trying to murder me because my Twitter is constantly updated.

@PattyBarrett: I'm walking down Hanover Street! Hope @NorthEndRapist isn't out here!

I had a business lunch the other day, and there was only so much hotel and travel negotiating we could talk about. So, we brought up other topics. For example, our career paths, where we’re from, and... sex. Maybe it was because we hit it off (this was a woman, by the way) and we felt comfortable talking about our personal lives – but we did just that. Talked about our personal lives. Somehow the conversation ended with us talking about relationships and not so much business. Yet, I don’t think she walked away from the conversation thinking, “What a weirdo.” I think she found it refreshing to meet a client and have fun conversation as opposed to boring professional talk. Plus, I’m a hoot.

I’m not worried with how I paint myself because all my shit is out there. Am I going to get hired for a law firm? No. Am I going to work in politics? No. I might not even be able to get hired at a restaurant! But will I be able to be a freelance writer and blogger? Actor? Improviser? Other creative fields? Sure. Plus, my company(ies) loves me the way that I am!

But when I say "I'm not worried" I really mean, "Sure, I'm worried maybe a little probably" I’m always worried. But I’m not going to stop doing what I do to please other people. I gotta look out for #1! OMFG, I have to go, Taylor Swift is on!

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