Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Principles of Comedy

I found this in the "Twitterverse" (I hate that I just used that word)... thanks to Evan and Richie. It's interesting and truuueee! Truth in comeddyyy! Right there!!

There’s no special trick to it. In fact, the answer is mind-numbingly simple: you just do it. Get on stage wherever you are as much as possible. This will not only make you better through repetition, but will also help you handle your bombings better. If you only perform once a month, and that show sucks a shitpile, you’re going to mentally record your stand-up as 100% failure that month. If you go up 30 times, some will be good and some will be bad but you will at least have a tangible success rate.

It basically applies to stand-up. But it's the same for improv, too! If I have a bad Leather Gang show one week, well whatever - I have to get back on the horse and make it up with a Lost in Boston show or an Awkward Compliment show. When you perform a shit ton (yeah, a shit ton!) you have no choice but to get better and let bad shows roll of your back.

I'm just realizing how far I've come from this. Before the "Summer of Improv" during the "Year of Patty" (I'm ridiculous) it was more like bad show = bad night = bad week. Now I've got no time to dwell on a bad show... and I honestly can deal with it better. By beating up everyone I was on stage with and blaming them.

Fuck you Trevor.

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