Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I like going to Boston.com and seeing my friend's face!! (That's Matt! In the Bruin's commercial one.)

Also, I like walking through my neighborhood and being recognized. I left the building and walked through downtown crossing. On the way back, I heard a horn beep and I looked over, and there was Steve the UPS guy waving to me. I waved and walked on.

I was listening to some hot beats (Britney Spears was on) and I heard "PATTY!" and I looked up, and there was one of my favorite local bartenders. We said what's up, chatted a bit, then I continued to walk.

I entered J. Pace to get a sandwich, and I saw my eye doctor. He said, "Hi sweety! How are you?" and I said, "I'm good!" But I should have said, "I'm well!" Then, I went to get a sandwich, and the deli guy said, "There's my girl!" and then made me a sandwich while we chatted about my day and how business was going.

I am Mr. Rogers. I have great friends! I live in a great neighborhood! Oh, and I wasn't counting the local store workers as my friends - I was referring to Babyface as a friend, and all my other friends are great too and they do great things. I'm bordering creepy right now. Nope, I crossed the line. OK. I'm in creepytown and it's OK.

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