Thursday, September 17, 2009

Walk This Way

At work, I’m sort of on my own little island. My desk is the front desk, which isn’t really at the front at all. You have to get off an elevator, walk through a hallway, pass the cool old-fashioned elevator shaft, and wood stain on the floor that looks like a pig, through the glass doors and you’ll see my shining face!

But, the only way I interact with anyone is if they’re walking down the hallway to go to a meeting or get something from the other side of the building. I don’t even see people when they’re coming in – there are 2 side entrances for that! But, my back is not faced to anyone when they walk by either – I’m basically facing nothing but an empty hallway and glass doors.

Any who, I’ve started to pick up this weird habit of distinguishing people based on their walk. It’s sort of funny. Sometimes it's annoying. Like, why do people need to drag their feet when they walk? I’d find you attractive if you didn’t drag your feet. Or stomp your feet! You’re not Sasquatch – stop STOMPING down the hall! Some people walk swiftly. Some walk so soft that you can barely hear them approach you (Roberto). Some walk with intense focus (ala my old “manager walk”) and some walk like they’re dreading where they’re going. And then, of course, there are those who are constantly jingling keys. There are 2 in my office, so you’d think I’d be confused – but no! They have different walks that go along with their jingling key rings. No matter how you walk, I can always tell who you are.

Today, I heard Vince walk down the hallway. His walk is one I’d call “swift walk with a purpose”. I had to talk to him so I said, without looking up:

Me: I have a question for you.
Vince: How did you know it was me?!?
Me: I could tell by the way you walk.
Vince: Really? I’m going to try to change it next time.

(Vince walks by and I don’t look up)
Me: Hi Vince.
Vince: YES, I love that.

Does that make me weird? Probably...

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