Friday, September 11, 2009

What an awkward compliment!

I think I may have got the best compliment I've ever received last night.

A stand-up comedian (who goes by Big Nez) came and opened up for us last night. His set addressed racism and how he wished it would end. He was funny!

Then... we got to our set. Of course, I had to start the first scene of the night with an old favorite character of mine by the name of "Choco Patty". She's an energetic, aggressive, STRONG ASS WOMAN (albeit slightly racist). She has catch phrases like, "OH HELL NO!" which she yells while ripping earrings out of her ears, and "I GOT BIG ASS TITTIES." Also, she's in love with Casey and don't let no bitch near her man. Regardless, I didn't necessarily mean to do it. One of our scene inspirations was "Jackson"... so, it just worked with what I was doing.

After the show, Big Nez approached me outside the theater. He said, "Girl, you were so great. You're really funny. That black lady voice you were doing. Man, it wasn't even offensive. You put me right there! You took me away from here and put me in like a shack or something."

And that's our goal as actors, right? To take people out of the moment - out of the lives they're living - and put them somewhere else! We use character voices and paint scenes and create a new atmosphere for people to escape to! And I managed to do it for him!

I just wish I could have taken him somewhere better than a shack. But that's how Choco Patty and I do.

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