Thursday, September 3, 2009

What a summer!

The summer has come and gone. I mean, “technically” it’s still here. But in my book – it’s September, I’m sleeping with a comforter on, students are back, and summer Fridays are over (well, after tomorrow). The transition into fall is always tough, so I’ve made the decision the past two years to take vacations during this time. Last year I went to Vegas, this year I’m going… nowhere. But I’ll be cozy at home for a whole week with no work. Beautiful.

I’ve been reflecting on this past summer over the last few days, and man – it was so good! Part of me worried that I was wasting my life away doing improv all summer. But I loved every minute of every show or rehearsal I took part in. (To say I loved every minute of it is an overstatement, there were some late-night NXT rehearsals that were strenuous, and some shows that were only so-so) But the people I spent this summer with, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

It’s like in Now and Then, when she’s reflecting on that summer, where they thought they’d never grow apart and nothing would ever change! That’s what this past summer was like. I felt like a kid again!

I didn't go to Vegas or Paris or Italy or even New Hampshire. I stayed here. But, according to my blog entries and my improv notebook, here’s what I did:

Began doing weekly shows with Awkward Compliment at the Somerville Theater

I wrote a play and saw it on stage!

Moved into the North End.

Mike Anastasia came to visit!

Brian O’hara and I slept together and burnt the apartment down.

Friday afternoons at Café Lil Italy (SSS)

Several million drunk nights at Goody’s.

House Teams and crushes.

Kiley's birthday party!

Savage moved to DC - but we had a fun weekend to celebrate :)

Julia visited

Evan and I went on a sneaker adventure

The NXT cook off

I dyed my hair


Leisurely afternoons on the porch

Watched and fell in love with Mad Men


And.. uh… Evan left. :(

But, while I'm a little bit bummed ("500 Days of Bummer"). I'm really glad that I set out to have "The Summer of Patty" and I had just that. I enjoyed every minute of it (despite all the deaths!) And remember that June gloom? I don't. I still had fun through it!

Happy Fall (iday!)

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