Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"You break his heart, I break your face"

Last night I watched “Some Kind of Wonderful”. A couple of months ago, Kiley told me I should watch it because I’d relate to it. And then I told Jeremy I was going to watch it, and he said, “Oh, you’ll love it. I think you’re more of a Mary Stuart Masterson than a Molly Ringwald.”

Here are the reasons I think he said that:
A. She’s kind of a lesbian.
B. She’s in love with her friend.
C. She has a loud personality.

But it’s probably the lesbian thing. I’m kind of a lesbian.

Regardless – I loved it. I enjoy the fact that it’s the way “Pretty in Pink” was supposed to go, but they told John Hughes no. So, he made another movie the way he wanted to later. And I like it a lot more. I even liked little DJ Tanner in it.

But I had one problem with it: “You look good wearing my future” is totally adorable, but let’s talk about that. His “future” was a pair of diamond earrings that he bought using every last time of his college fund to win over the heart of the pretty, popular girl. Then, when she ultimately turned him down, he ran after the one who would love him back and gave them to her.

Now, let’s face it, that’s me. I’m the one left standing, or the last resort, who’s going to love you (oh, so that’s why I’m Mary Stuart Masterson) – but I have a little more pride than to take a used pair of earrings! And I think that character did, too. But hey, the things us gals do for boys.

(Patty gets up and looks for her dignity)


Julia said...

Patty...are you trying to tell me you are in love with me?

Patty Barrett said...

What? No.. that's ridiculous. No.. No. No. I mean, how would you react if I said yes? But no, no of course not. no. Maybe. No.. no. Definitely not.. no...


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