Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Creepy Uncle Brian

That's creepy Uncle Brian. He's creepy.

Matt and Casey (and Clover) hosted the Awkward Compliment October Dinner Party last night. We gathered, we drank, we ate, we discussed scholarly pursuits. But mainly, we were all creeped out by Brian's new moustache. I mean, come on, it's creepy! It was even more creepy when he stuffed eggplant into his mouth. Or when he downed his 5th gin and tonic and his 12th turkey taco.

Mark brought the Colt 45. He's the only sophisticated one of the group, clearly. Who shows up to a dinner party WITHOUT Colt 45? All of us. Except Mark.

I showed up empty-handed, so I'm the asshole. I was told not to bring anything! So I didn't. I brought Ryan! And he brought cookies! Does that count for anything? I also brought some random dude I met at the T. I needed a date and he was the least homeless-looking out of all the people who ride the T. And by that I mean his clothes were dirty but his gloves has fingers.

The dinner party was successful, I guess. Does it matter? Hanging out with my crew of creepy weirdos is always a successful night. Even though I had no interest in playing Surf the Channel, but I did. And watching Matt, Brian and Casey play frolf is about as entertaining as watching ducks swim. But... I had a good night. My friends are okay, but Clover is the bestest.

I think it's funny how cheesy AC can be. We actually hang out all the time and we actually enjoy each other's company. And we have traditions, like Friday's on a Thursday and Mike's post-shows... and now monthly dinner parties. What weirdos.

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