Monday, October 5, 2009

I still don’t think I’m incredibly happy with my major in college. I majored in Public Relations and while I do work for a marketing company (not doing anything PR-related); I’m not sure it’s for me. I appreciate all the tips and tricks I learned so that I can attribute it to my improv groups and such. But, really, eh.

However, I minored in Art History and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Am I going to do anything with it? No. But when it came to papers and memos and assignments for PR and all of those classes – it was a piece of cake. I had tons of creative ideas and I wrote pretty well and it didn’t require a whole lot of effort. But Art History… that required effort. There was no way I could miss class, no way I couldn’t study for a test, no way I could half-ass it. You have to put a ton of effort into that shit. Nights before tests, I’d be holed up in my apartment with flash cards and power point presentations learning artists, periods, titles of artwork and every reason it was created. Those grades were the only ones I cared about because they were the only ones I really worked for.

Sure it sucked when I got on Seriously Bent and all I wanted to do was skip class and eat lunch with them, or not study and hang out with them and drink – but I couldn’t. But now, improv is my “challenge”. Getting up and going to work… that’s just what I do to support myself. Improv is what I do to satisfy my need for attention and also challenge myself so my brain doesn’t fail on me. I go crazy without mental stimulation.

Is anyone else turned on? OK great.

Oh, and p.s. After my last post, I wrote an entire plot outline for a book! Then my computer died the next day. rofl FML.

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