Friday, October 23, 2009

Pillow fight!

Tonight is ladies night. I have been waiting for this night for like weeks!

Kelly, Julia and I are three ladies with a very close and strange relationship. At times, I feel like we’re all similar. Being comedians in a group of men – we quickly learned how to act around them and each other. There is nothing we don’t talk about. Everything’s out in the open – no matter how disgusting or offensive. We’re basically one of the guys in all of our groups of friends.

Which is why, whenever we hang out, it’s always us and the guys. We get a little bit of girl time now and then – but rarely. So tonight we are committing to just having some old-fashioned lady time. We’ll do the typical things – painting our nails, face masks, drinking wine and talking about our periods. Oh man, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to kick back with GIRLS. The best thing about the two of them is that we’ve been through a lot of the same stuff. We never, ever judge each other – despite all the possibly shitty decisions we make in life.

Sometimes, it just feels good to remind yourself that you are, in fact, a woman. You’re not a bro. You’re a ho. (Hoes b4 Bros 4 lyfe)

That being said, I love that my (guy) friends treat me like one of the guys. I would hate it if they kept things from me or didn’t ask me to hang out because they were doing dude-bro things.

But sometimes – when nobody’s watching – they treat me like a girl. And I love that too.

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Gussy said...

this made me miss us!! all of us...together...

Did we end up hanging with the boys on this said "girls night"? i think we mightve...


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