Monday, October 12, 2009

Rock On.

I learned a lot about improv from a recent AC show and the NXT show last night.

Much like being physically ready for a workout – you need to be mentally ready for an improv show. (Hey, you’re using your brain a lot!) I wasn’t mentally prepared for our show last night. Everything pre-show was rushed (due to showing up late for call) and we were confused - since it was a new lineup and a ton of new stuff. But, we got through the show and I had a ton of fun! It just wasn’t one I walked away from thinking, “THAT WAS IT! I CAN QUIT NOW! THAT WAS THE PINNACLE OF MY CAREER!” Though, I must say, if I ever walk away from a show like that… kill me.

When we were sitting down, drinking our beers and getting notes, I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. And I don’t mean that metaphorically. I literally mean my shoulders hurt like a part of the world - let's say Africa and Asia - was sitting on top of them. That part of the world. They’re big. I was super tense. I fully intended to go straight home, watch Amelie, and fall asleep.

But, intentions are intentions.

I went to Goody’s to grab a drink with Bryce. We ran into TDH and Dan. Then BFG, Casey, Mark and Dibello came and met us and well, somehow a Sunday night I would have spent in bed hating myself turned into a night out! It was a holiday weekend for most people – except Casey and I. So we had some beers, sang some karaoke, and had a good time.

And for the record – Dibello and Mark probably put on the best performance of the night. It didn’t matter who sang well, who had the best dance skills (Casey, it isn’t you), or how many Nickelback or Creed songs BFG could pump out… I have never seen a better karaoke performance than Mark and Dibello singing “I Touch Myself”. It may have trumped Evan’s “Baby I’m A Star” although that was pretty fantastic.

I ended up getting in around 2:30 and crawling into my bed a happy clam (no more tense shoulders!) and was very happy with my night. I am the luckiest. How many girls get to surround themselves with the most handsome men who treat her with the most respect? How many girls gets to be called an angry lesbian and later get smacked in the face by a boy at a bar? NOT MANY! I'M THE LUCKY ONE!! Xoxoxoxo

No, but really, what I learned about improv is this (though, I have known it - I just needed the reminder): Scenes never happen again! Sometimes they’re bad, sometimes they’re good – but they happened and won’t happen again! So, stop dwelling. What’s done is done – so go drink some Coors Lites and sing Michael Jackson in a bar while your handsome friend dances like a weird uncle at a wedding.

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