Thursday, October 22, 2009

"They turned life into a musical"

This is like my dream.

Not being a part of Improv Everywhere, but breaking out into a musical IN REAL LIFE. Like, a musical in the park, or at work, or anywhere! It'd be the funnest, greatest day of my life.

These people made it happen in a grocery store! It's so whimsical! The reactions and interviews afterwards are super funny. People are so happy. Sometimes improv makes people so happy. Y'know, besides the kind that involves dick jokes and gross things.

Improv Everywhere is a funny little project. Here are some other good ones:

Frozen Grand Central - where a ton of people just freeze in Grand Central station simultaneously for five minutes

50 Redheads Protest Wendy's - For their racist logo which has an innacurate depiction of redheads.

Romantic Comedy Cab - where people trick a cab driver into making love happen.

Best Game Ever - where they go to a little league baseball game and turn it into a major league baseball game. They even know all the 10-year-old players names and wear signs and t-shirts. It's adorable how excited the kids get.

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