Monday, October 19, 2009

What Traveling Teaches You

Over the weekend, I learned a lot about myself through traveling.

Like, for instance, that I’m a pretty good packer and I love doing it. At work, I wrote my “packing list” because I knew I would be rushing before my show and after the show to sleep (I had to wake up at 5am). I planned ahead, and I wrote out exact outfits I wanted to wear, accessories that went with it, make-up decisions, etc. So, in the packing department, I’ve got that nailed down.

I also learned that I’m never content. I don’t know if it’s ADD, or something else, but I can never sit still and be happy with what I’m doing or where I am. Throughout the whole weekend, I basically had my BlackBerry in my hand. I was with my friends (and happy to be) but other parts of me thought – what is everyone else doing? What’s happening in Boston? Who’s in the Midnight Show? What’s going on? I checked Facebook all the time, was texting and Twittering off the hook. I don’t know why I can’t just live in the moment. Ever.

And finally, that I’m a creature of habit. When Savage still lived in Massachusetts, we typically did the same things. We’d meet up, we’d go out to eat, we’d watch TV at someone’s house or we’d get a drink. So, when we went to visit her in D.C… what else was there to do? Why should we go to art museums when we never go to art museums? (Of course – I’d love to have gone to one! But I’m not dragging my non-art interested friends to an art museum just because we’re in a different city!) And, sure, D.C. has tons of monuments and politics – but we’ve seen it before. We spent the better part of Saturday afternoon figuring out what to do… but, really, what else was there for us to do but what we always do? We go out to lunch at some chain restaurant, we watch a movie, we watch marathons of TV shows on TLC, we play Scattegories, we get snacks, watch SNL and we call it a night.

Oh, and one more thing - that if I'm sitting in an exit row... I do NOT want to be the one to open the door and save everyone. But I do want the extra legroom. I did not get that this time around. But last time, when I went to Vegas, Steve and I got that. And I would have made Steve do everything. If I made Jess do everything... the entire plane would have died because Jess would have already died of a heart attack. But again, the extra legroom = awesome. But, again, I won't save you. So, if I'm traveling with Jess and both of us are sitting in that row... you're dead. But if I'm traveling with Steve, you'll probably survive. But, as a reminder, I will never save you.

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