Friday, October 9, 2009

When The One Who Corrupted You Stops Corrupting...

This morning was one of those mornings. Chilly. Gray. Quiet. It felt like I had just shut my eyes and the previous night was a blur – even though I didn’t drink that much. But was I that drunk? I did have two giant beers at Mike’s. Then had a mixed drink at Goody’s. And not much food. It’s OK, it was only my fourth night of drinking! Eh, scratch that. Sixth. Awesome.

When I got to work, I got a BBM. It said, “You should visit me at North Station, I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” It was from Julia. I abandoned my desk and ran down the street to North Station so that I could hug, talk and drink my coffee with my very favorite lady friend who I hadn’t seen since the summer. She was carrying 5 bags to go to Wolfeboro, her former home of a year, and a cooler.

“Jules, what’s in here?” And she said, “Oh, that’s just my food. My health food.”

If you haven’t been keeping up with Julia’s fabulous blog (there are about 5 posts) – she’s been on a “live a better life” kick. She’s changed her diet and even more importantly, she’s cut back the drinking and smoking. She didn’t drink at all for a while, and then she started drinking a bit (and when she drinks she drinks!) and she exclaimed, “I went to a wedding in Plymouth. And at the end of the night I was so drunk that I slid across the floor on my knees playing air guitar to Journey. I had no underwear on, because I didn’t want panty lines, and I was wearing a short dress and black stalkings. BUT, I only had three cigarettes that night! I only had three! Not a pack!”

She’s hilarious. And a housewife. She lives with her boyfriend and they cook every meal in, and she said, “We maybe go out every now and then on a Friday night; get dinner, have some drinks.” And I thought, holy shit.

This is the girl who made me. I mean, I was an ANGEL when I met her! An ANGEL! The first time I smoked a cigarette? Julia. The first time I drank too much on a week night and had to miss school the next day? Julia. The first time I skipped class in the afternoon to drink? Julia. The first time I smoked pot? Julia. The first girl I kissed? Julia. She has literally “stood watch” over things that nobody should be present for. She was the marionette to my life – the reason for almost every night of debauchery I had.

And now here I am. I’m hung over from my sixth night in a row of drinking too much with my friends (might I just say, 32 ounce beers and bartenders who know you are the devil.) My life is shrouded in debauchery. And I have carried the debauchery lifestyle*** into other groups of people aside from Seriously Bent.
But then there’s Jules. With her cooler filled with yogurt.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

***I mean, kind of. I’m not really THAT bad. I don't do any drugs! I don't smoke! At the very least, I make the general mistakes a 23-year old single lady makes! Like drunk Facebook status updating - or leaving my BlackBerry out for others to drunk Facebook status update.

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