Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your Adjectives.

I think everyone has TWO adjectives that either describe who they are – or at least that describe the perception they want people to have of them. Whether you want people to think you’re smart, rich, sexual, funny, whatever – everyone acts a certain way so that people will describe them that way. Unless, of course, they get drunk and all that falls to the wayside.

For example, I like to think to promote the image that I am funny and spunky (I hate that word but cannot think of a better one to describe what I mean. My sister said, "It sounds like you are having people cum on you, and that's gross. Pervert). So, I make jokes. All the time. My life is a constant bit. I tease people, I send out funny emails at work, I say things to get laughs all the time – humor is my defense mechanism. But on the other hand, I want people to know I have a big personality. So, I’m outgoing (except for the secret fact that I’m totally shy) and I have my own personal style. Oh, and bright red hair. When I tell people I’m naturally blonde, no one believes me. And then they’ll say, “Well, your hair matches your personality! It suits you so well.” And that, my dears, is what I’m trying to achieve!

Are there other adjectives to describe me? Of course! Bitchy, sensitive, crazy, smart, awesome! But, I make sure that when people think of me – they think what I promote. Unless, of course, personal reasons get in the way. Like – they know me really well... or have spent 10 minutes with me – because then the rest of the adjectives creep out. Literally. They creep out. Because I’m creepy. Totally creepy.

Hm, what about my friends? I think certain people I know like to promote they’re career-focused and personable, charming and funny, genuine and responsible, mysterious and intimidating, smart and charming, and funny and professional. I’m not naming names, but if you think you know who you are – then good for you!

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