Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Awkward Cumpliment

Last night, Awkward Compliment had a meeting. Over the past few months, we haven’t been rehearsing and the only “group meetings” we have are on Thursdays after shows and at that point we’re mainly focused on winding down from our show and hanging out – aka getting drunk.

We met at Goody’s, the meeting place of our forefathers, except the entire main stage cast was sitting next to us. And then, two IA classes got out and ended up filling up the bar. So, our meeting ended up being a battle to hear what each other was saying. It was distraction city. And Casey was tired. And DiBello looked like a dog. So, we were there for like three hours and made ACTUAL progress for about 10 minutes of those hours.

Not to say we didn’t cover important topics. Here are some things we learned:

The original spelling of “Gudernatch” was “Hitler”

Since our website is unavailable, other potential options could be “AwkwardCumpliment.com” or “PattyBangsHomelessGuysAlot.com” or “AwkwardCompliment.hiv”

Matt hates Dave.

Beyonce loves Casey (not Beyonce the singer, but Beyonce the birth mark)

Baby Hitler talks like Clover, and he pooped a little bit earlier.

And, I found a new way to sign my name!

Even though we basically talked and talked and talked but didn’t actually agree on much – I know that my love for the group is solidified. And I know that I’m lucky to work with them, and that we have a great product that I’m ready to sell. After I bang a bunch of homeless dudes. See ya.

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