Friday, November 6, 2009

Prove It!

This week has basically been Awkward Compliment week. We spent every single night together since Monday between meetings, rehearsals and shows. But, I think it all paid off because we had a hilarious show last night. I’d say it was one of our Top 5 best shows. And it was our best based on professionalism. We changed some little things that make the whole show look better – production wise. You’re going to have to come see it to figure out what I mean – because it’s just great!

I was glad our show went well though because I had a friend there. Shannon and I started classes together at IA in July of 2005. I was a 19-year old shy girl wearing shirts that said, “Kiss Me I’m Irish” and she was a 20-something bitch from the Bronx with short shorts and a cast on her leg. She was pissed she was in Level 1 because she had been performing for a long time. For some reason, we hit it off even though our personalities were opposite. I barely spoke (believe it or not!) and she was Miss Talkative. But, she always made me laugh during warm-ups and she sort of took me under her wing.

Over the next few months, I stopped being so shy. Something just snapped and I became the Patty I am today, except a little more young and na├»ve. Shannon eventually stopped taking classes and I kept doing them with a whole different class. But, we stayed friends who met up on Monday nights for drinks and fried pickles. She then moved back to New York to be a teacher and do other things – and I stayed here to do whatever I do.

The last improv she saw me do was probably awful. So, last night she got to see what I’ve become! And, not to toot my own horn – but I thought I had a great show! All of us did! And that’s really what life is about, right? To prove yourself!

To prove that you haven't just been jerking off in a basement with your friends! You actually work REALLY hard to get better at something you love to do. And, when it all pays off, it feels so good.

Oh, and yeah, there's a ton of jerking off, too.

My first improv class!

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Shannon said...

i <3 you peppermint. you've grown up so well ;-)


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