Monday, November 16, 2009

Stop looking at me, Masey.

The other night, Kiley and I were having a party to celebrate the return of Mr. Michael Anastasia. I texted Casey and Matt in the afternoon to ask if they were coming:

Casey: When? Tonight? We’re in Kittery now.
Me: Get me something from the Kittery trading post! An owl figurine.

I was kidding. Clearly. I make stupid jokes all the time. But – if AC is known for anything, it’s their “co-bitment” (commitment to a bit).

Around Midnight, when they showed up to the bar – they were carrying this:

It’s not even an owl “figurine” – it’s a fucking hunting target. It has the craziest eyes. And is pretty much life-size, if not bigger. Even though it freaks me out, I find it hilarious. And I’m being forced to hang it somewhere visible.

Of course, I fell asleep with it on the floor, so when I woke up on Sunday morning – I didn’t expect to see it staring at me when I got out of bed. I yelled and fell backwards on the bed, thinking some dead animal was on my floor. But, no, it was just Masey. Cause that's the owl's name... Masey.

God, I love them! I have the best dads!

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