Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A taint and a brother figure.

On Saturday night, a few of us took the 130mph journey to Stonehill College to perform for the students. We tried out a new format – a game show titled “Are You Stupid?” and it was really fun. I thought it was a great way to engage the audience more than just asking them for suggestions. Although, I was surprised when nobody buzzed in on the question, “What is a taint?” And then it was opened up to the crowd – and still, nobody knew what a taint was. Really? Is it a generational thing? Is it just a thing gross people know? I mean, let’s face it, Casey has probably been-all-up in half those people’s taints – they just didn’t realize it.

It was the first time I performed in a “professional” setting with Mike, though. I wonder when all these “firsts” and “milestone moments” are going to get old for me. Like, yeah Patty, you worked in the front of house and now you’re on stage – we get it. Mike was your director/mentor and now you’re doing shows with him – we get it. You used to be told not to look the talent in the eye and now you’re the talent nobody can look in the eye – we get it. (Kidding. Of course. I remember where I come from, bitch!)

But this past weekend made me realize some things, besides the fact that I tweet/blog/status update too much about other people’s lives (which, as you can tell, isn't going to stop me.) Jeremy, Evan, Mike… when they all moved, I lost my shit for a day or two. And then, I got over it. Not like I forgot about them or loved them any less, but I got used to life without them. And Mike’s visiting, and it’s like nothing ever changed. We have the same banter, we talk about the same things and make the same jokes, and I’m back to feeling like the little sister I’ve always felt like. And based on the way we are, I feel like I filled my void of “brotherly” relationship with Matt & Casey. Eh… well... kind of. Take or leave a few aspects.

But regardless, I’m glad he’s back in town! So I can make fun of his sneakers, he can “finger my bangs”, and I can accidentally knock whiskey out of his hand just for him to say, “It’s OK, Patty! But if your show wasn’t so good, it wouldn’t be OK.”

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