Friday, November 20, 2009

Team Edward

Last night, while Casey and I energetically* sold tickets to our show, we talked about things. Like:

Casey: So… are you team Edward or team Jacob?
Me: Team Edward.
Casey: Me too.
Me: I mean, he was her first love! Then Edward’s out of the picture and then all of sudden Jacob just tries to swoop in.
Casey: Yeah, exactly, but don’t tell me anymore because I will probably end up seeing all the movies.

When Casey first started showing up on the IA scene, people compared him to a Cullen all the time. Puh-lease. He's not that cute. (Fine, he is.)

Is undead.
Drinks blood.
Sparkles in sunlight.
Moves impossibly fast when running.
Is head over heels in love and would kill (and die) for her.

Is alive. (barely)
Drinks energy drinks.
Sparkles... because he put glitter on.
Moves impossibly slow when strutting.
Is afraid of love, killing and dying... so he plays mini ninjas.

But, they're both constantly brooding and soooooo dreamy, huh? (That picture of Casey is disappointing... he literally NEVER looks that happy.)

*"Energetic" meaning we sat there like lumps, hunched over the table, Casey played with his phone and I made annoying conversation. We’re by far the worst sales people. Ever.

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