Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We did it! We did it!

Last night we had a State of the Company meeting at IA. We went about the normal stuff – business is way up! Bits! Jokes! Giving people shit! But then – at the very end – the moment we were all waiting for, the big news! And that news is that SECOND CITY IS COMING TO BOSTON AND IA IS PRODUCING IT!

For those non-improv people who read my blog you’re probably like, “What?” Well, you know Stephen Colbert? Tina Fey? Rachel Dratch? Joan Rivers? John Belushi? Bill Murray? Dan Akroyd? Amy Sedaris? Sure, you do. They have all been Second City cast members. In very short non-geeky terms, Second City is the premiere place for improv in the country – and has been a major source for SNL cast members. It’s typically where Lorne Michaels goes to scout them – as well as many other places.

It’s a really big step for the theater, and it’s sure to help us in all sorts of ways. And a minimum of two IA actors are guaranteed to be in the production. So this is going to be an exciting few months for the mainstage and alum the next few months!

I’ve worked at IA for the past FIVE years of my life in some way. Rather, in almost EVERY possible way. And I’ve been a fan and customer of the theater since 2002. It has been my favorite place in Boston for years, and clearly – it set me on my current career path. When I saw my first show, it got the wheels turning in my head and eight years later, I’m performing there!

Sometimes I just have these moments of, “Wow, what?!!” I get them every now and then. When I was managing and locking up, I’d think “I have keys to THIS theater!” or when I’d be dancing at a late-night dance party, I’d think “I’m hanging out on this stage!” When I would hang out with mainstage people, I’d soak it all in. And when I did a show a few weekends ago with people I saw on the mainstage the very first show I ever saw (June 7, 2002... to be exact)and they said to ME, “Hope you don’t mind performing with us, we haven’t done this in a while!” Ugh, what?! Sometimes it just blows my mind that I actually set out on something I wanted to do – and I did it and it’s all happening right now.

I’m the sappiest. But, I’m really proud of myself. And despite the shit we all give the theater sometimes – I’m really proud of it. It's a really fun place to work. It’s done nothing but wonderful things for my life and I'm happy that I've got this big ol' second family.

Congrats IA!!!

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